Echigo ju Sadaaki


A contemporary tanto with a 1999 paper from Aoi Art, Tokyo

Omote: Echigo ju Sadaaki saku

Ura: Heisei Kyu Nen Hachi Gatsu Hi (A day in the the 8th month of the ninth year of Heisei), A day in August, 1997.

Nagasa: 11.614 inches

No sori

Jitetsu: Itame hada with masame hada and abundant ji nie

Hamon: Nie deki gonome midare with sunagashi and kinsuji inside the hamon

There are futatsuhi on both sides of the blade.

Sadaaki is making swords in Niigata prefecture. The blade is in polish and shirasaya with a gold wash habaki. The blade is a robust example of what some of the old tanto looked like when they were new.