Mumei shinshinto katana


A nice mumei katana whose majestic sugata and katte agari yasurime point in the direction of the very good shinshinto smith, Takahashi Nobunaga.

Nagasa: 70.5 cm (27.75")

Motohaba: 35 mm Sakihaba: 24 mm

Motokasane: 9 mm Sakikasane: 7 mm

Nakago: kuri jiri, katte agari yasurime, one mekugi ana

Mei: Mumei

Jidai: Shinshinto (working period of Naganobu was roughly 1830-1869)

The blade is tempered in a bright nioi deki hamon in a shallow gunome with some togari and ashi iri, turning to suguha in the boshi ending in omaru. The kitae is itame with masame as it approaches the shinogi showing chikei and hints of utsuri. The blade has been used for tameshigiri and has cutting marks on the ji and shinogi as would be expected. There are some very localized points of surface rust in a few places on the blade.

The buke zukuri koshirae consists of a black lacquered saya with horn kojiri, koiguchi, and kurihata. The dark brown sageo is leather. The tsuka is wrapped in dark brown leather over same. The menuki are gold leaf or plate in the form of vajra. The fuchi kashira are simple but elegant in shakudo. The one piece habaki is yamagane. the large iron tsuba (8.1 cm wide x 8.6 cm tall) is deeply hammered and carved with a motif of ants at work.