Tachi by Yoshindo Yoshikazu

A signed, dated tachi by Yoshindo Yoshikazu, in shirasaya with sayagaki by Yoshikazu. One piece gold and shakudo habaki. Yoshikazu, the son of Yoshindo Yoshihara, is a mukansa smith in his own right. This is a strong, beautifully forged blade, with a majestic sugata.

Nagasa: 75 cm (29.5")

Sori: 2.54 cm (1.0")

Motokasane: 30.5 mm Motohaba: 8 mm

Sakikasane: 21 mm Sakihaba: 6 mm

Hamon: An exuberant nioi deki choji with ashi, that becomes condensed in the monouchi and extends into the boshi ending in a komaru kaeri on the tachi ura, and a sharp, short kaeri on the tachi omote.

Kitae: A finely forged ko itame with profuse ji nie

Horimono: There is a deep bohi on both sides extending well into the koshinogi, and tapering off halfway down the nakago.

Nakago: the nakago is kuri jiri with katte sagari yasurime and one mekugi ana.

Tachi mei: Toto Takasago ju Yoshikazu saku kore

Nengo: Heisei ni ju go nen yayoi kitsu jitsu (2013)

Yoshindo Yoshikazu san has passed away. This blade has gone back to Japan as part of his estate. We are leaving it on our site as a tribute to the skill and spirit of Yoshikazu sensei. He will be missed.