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Military Swords of Japan 1868-1945


Military Swords of Japan 1868-1945 Fuller and Gregory, 1986,Arms & Armour Press. Book in very good condition. Flyleaf shows a little shelf wear.

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This book is a must have for anyone interested in post-Meiji-era swords, or gendaito. It covers army, air force, and naval swords from 1871 to the end of WWII, as well as civil swords and various dirks and daggers. The book is profusely illustrated and is the standard reference for post-Meiji military swords and fittings.

Art of the Sword


Art of the Sword The Bulletin of the JSSUS. Edited by Bruce Kowalski and James McElhinney. Volume 2, 1989. Volume 3, 1990. Two copies of volume 2. One copy of volume 3. In like-new condition.

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Volume 2, 1989: Articles include Swords of Owari by Kentaro Yoshikawa; The Yamashiro Tradition of Swordmaking by Kensho Furuya; Benjamin Smith Lyman and the Geological Survey of Japan (1872-1879);Metallurgical and Other Features of Japanese Swords (December 6 1895) by Benjamin Sith Lyman.

Volume 3, 1990: Articles include Owari Tsuba by Wakayama Homatsu;Thoughts regarding Owari tsuba as predecessors of Akasaka tsuba by Matsumoto Seiji; Shinto Yokoyama Bizen-to by Bruce Kowalski.

Both volumes are profusely illustrated with photographs and oshigata.

Zen and the Way of the Sword


Zen and the Way of the Sword Aming the Samurai Psyche. Winston King, 1993. Oxford University Press. 265 pages. New condition.


"An esteemed scholar of Eastern religions, King deftly traces the development of Zen and discusses the personal nature of its practice, its emphasis on individual discovery and attainment. He then presents a... capsule history of the samurai class, from its rise in the niddle ages to formal abolition in the nineteenth centruy..."