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The Samurai, a Military History


The Samurai, a Military History, S.R. Turnbull. 1977, MacMillan. 304 pages. Good condition

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One of Stephen Turnbull's many well-illustrated books about the samurai as both a class and as individuals. This book deals with the development of the samurai as retained warriors to the nobility and details their eventual eclipsing of the nobility as the actual political power in Japan. The book is illustrated with line drawings, maps, woodblock prints and phots.

The Tale of the Shining Princess


The Tale of the Shining Princess, 1980, Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Viking Press, NY. 70 pages.

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This charming little book is a classic fairy tale from the Heian period of Japan. It is a Sally Fisher adaptation of a Donald Keene translation, and is illustrated with reproductions of a late 18th century edition of Taketori (The Bamboo Cutter) in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A bamboo cutter finds a tiny girl-child in a stalk of glowing bamboo. She grows into a beautiful princess who sets her suitors to impossible tasks. The Emperor himself pursues her.

The Sword of No Sword, The life of the master warrior Tesshu


The Sword of No Sword, The life of the master warrior Tesshu. John Stevens, 1984, Shambhala. 171 pages. Good condition. Trade paperback

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This is the first English biography of an important figure in the Meiji restoration. Tesshu was a personal retainer of the last Tokugawa shogun, and carried out negotiations in his name. He was also a reknowned practitioner of kendo, Zen, and calligraphy. Stevens does a good job of conveying not only the feel of the time, but the force of Tesshu's personality. This is a well written, enjoyable book with many lessons for the martial artist.

100 Masterpieces From the Collection of Dr. Walter A. Compton


100 Masterpieces From the Collection of Dr. Walter A. Compton. Edited by Sebastien Izzard. 1992, Christie, Manson & Woods International, Inc. 321 pages. New condition. One corner of the flyleaf has a slight crease.

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This is a gorgeously illustrated selection of pieces from the Christie's auction of Dr. Walter Compton's collection of swords and fittings. The catalogue is by Robert Haynes and D. Martin Lorber. It is a large format art book with detailed photos of both blades and fittings with descriptions in English and Japanese. 10¾ x 14¾" hardcover with slipcase.