Good Edo Period Wakizashi Mount


Over all length: 69.5 cm (27.5 inches)

Outside length of the saya:51.5 cm (20.25 inches)

A good buke-zukuri mount with iron fuchi/kashira and signed iron kozuka and kogatana. The tsuka is blue ito maki over black lacquered same. The menuki are shakudo and gold in what appears to be a hawk-feather motif. The FK match and are engraved in a faint pattern. The kozuka is signed Jakushi, and has a raised bamboo motif on an ishime ground. The saya is in good condition with horn koiguchi and kojiri. The saya is lacquered in an elegant stippled pattern that resembles sanded, lacquered same, but is really meticulously applied lacquer.The tsuba is a well-forged iron sukashi foilage design with gold veins on the leaves, and a rather fat and happy rat with a shibuichi face and gold eyes on the omote. With a wood tsunagi. The saya will easily take a 19 inch blade.