Japanese Sword Study Series #11

Seattle Art Sword Token Kai

Japanese Sword Study Series #11

A Review of Basic Nihonto Knowledge:

Shape, Steel, Forging, Hamon,

1:00 PM Saturday, February 29, 2020

Japanese Art Swords

A gallery of fine blades and related art

Located in Rain City Fencing Center

1776 136th Pl NE, Bellevue, WA 98005

On the second anniversary of the start of this series, we will review the basics of pre-industrial Japanese steel production, forging techniques and construction methods, firing and quenching methods, and the crystal patterns they produce in the steel. We will introduce and explain a lot of Japanese blade terminology. We will discuss the conflicting material requirements for a good blade and the various methods of achieving them (composite construction and differential heating/quenching). And we will take a brief leap into the aesthetic qualities of a blade that can qualify a deadly weapon as an object of art. Several blades, across a span of 800 years and from many schools, will be on display for hands-on study.

As always, we will review safe handling, sword etiquette, and formal viewing of Nihonto, the Japanese sword. Anyone interested in the Japanese sword as an object of art, craft, and history is invited to attend.

Seattle Art Sword Token Kai is a group dedicated to the study of nihonto, the Japanese sword. Seattle Art Sword Token Kai’s advisor is Tatsuhiko Konno, a licensed sword polisher with over 40 years experience in the study of Japanese swords. The lecturer is Steve Colton, who has been collecting and studying Japanese swords for 40 years.

To RSVP, contactB. Tsutakawa (206) 234-4685 or email [email protected].

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