#3 in a series of seminars on the appreciation of nihonto

Seattle Art Sword Token Kai

Japanese Sword Study Series #3:

Yamashiro and Yamato Traditions

1:00 PM Saturday, June 2, 2018**

Japanese Art Swords

A gallery of fine blades and related art

Located in Rain City Fencing Center

1776 136th Pl NE, Bellevue, WA 98005

This seminar will cover the history and general workmanship of the two earliest Japanese sword making traditions, dating back to the Nara and Heian periods. Both were influenced by the Imperial culture and have always been considered the most refined and elegant work of all the gokaden. They reached their peak in the Kamakura jidai, but heavily influenced regional schools throughout Japan for centuries. Several blades will be available for viewing.

As always, we will review safe handling, sword etiquette, and formal viewing of the nihonto.

Anyone interested in the Japanese sword as an object of art, craft, and history is invited to attend.

Seattle Art Sword Token Kai is a group dedicated to the study of nihonto, the Japanese sword. Seattle Art Sword Token Kai’s advisor is Tatsuhiko Konno, a licensed sword polisher with over 40 years experience in the study of Japanese swords. The lecturer is Steve Colton, who has been collecting and studying Japanese swords for 38 years.

To sign up, contactB. Tsutakawa (206) 234-4685, or Jeff Douglas (425) 329-9700 or email [email protected].

**Please note this is a date change from the date announced at the first lecture.

Ongoing construction on !36th Pl NE has created some changes. 136th Pl NE is now one-way northbound. For best access, please see http://www.raincityfencing.com/about-us/our-facility/light-rail-construc...