Ryoma: Life of a Renaissance Samurai, Romulus Hillsbourough, 1999. Ridgeback Press, San Francisco. 614 pages. Previously owned in new condition.

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The first literary biography to appear in the English language of Sakamoto Ryoma.

"Without the genius of Sakamoto Ryoma, Japan would have lost its independence and been colonized by a European nation over a century ago." Tsutomu Ohshima

"Of the many heroes who livend and died during the turbulent years leading up to and following the Meiji Restoration, Ryoma was the most deserving of the appelation 'a man for all nations.'" Saichiro Miyaji, Japan's most distinguished biographher of Ryoma.

The Economist recently had an article referencing Ryoma as a model for contemporary Japanese politicians and leaders to emulate in working for the good of Japan as a whole.