Shakudo Fuchi/Kashira signed Nara saku Edo ju

An interesting fuchi kashira in shakudo. The fuchi is signed Nara saku, Edo ju. Both pieces have a separate, inset yamagane washer (for lack of a better word) with a gold foil mouth forming a base rim for the respective pieces. The kashira has both shitodome as well.The pieces are not papered, and we cannot guarantee the signature, but the workmanship is good.

According to Haynes' Index of Japanese Sword Fittings and Associated Artists, 2004: "H 06912.0 (1650-1750) This group of artists signed only Nara without any other name... They are thought of as the Ko-Nara school group, and they worked in both iron and soft metal... Most of their work predates the Nara school style, [which had] examples of work with the art names as well as the family names."

The design on the fuchi is of a small boat partially under a bluff (coming or going?) and on the top of the cliff, what appears to be a small hut or shrine and a torii under a spreading tree. The shrine, torii, and tree motiff is repeated on the kashira.

In a kiri wood box with pillow.

The fuchi measures 21 x 38 mm

The kashira measures 18 x8 23 mm