Two new blades in the gallery

I rencently added two blades to the web gallery.

We have a lovely shinsakuto katana done in the style of Chogi (Bizen Nagayoshi),by the mukansa smith, Kunimasa. It is made in the majesticc style of a Nambokucho tachi, and is really a lovely piece. it is in shirasaya with a nicely made contemporary koshirae with a dragon theme. The hamon reminds me of a snow-capped mountain range.

The second blade is a long wakizahsi/short katana (the shape is distinctly katana-like) by Tomita Sagami (no) Kami Yoshimichi. The blade is dated 1752. The hamon is done in a flamboyant choji with lots of activity, and the hada is well-forged. The blade is in shirasaya with sayagaki, and priced to sell at $3800.