NEW BOOK: The Art Appreciation of Japanese Sword Fittings

We are carrying a new book, The Art Appreciation of Japanese Sword Fittings, by Shigeo Fukushi. The copyright is March 2012 (Heisei 24 nen). There are approximately 300 tsuba and kodogu beautifully photographed, one to a page, with text in Japanese expaining the theme and history of the artwork shown on the piece. Each photograph is captioned in English with what appears to be almost the full Japanese text. There is a complete index/table of contents in English.


Check the gallery for several excellent, like-new, used reference books on the site over the next few days. Just in time to make the perfect present for your favorite collector. Or a nice holiday addition to your own reference library.

Mino Kanefusa Tanto

We added a nice little Mino tanto today. The mounted blade comes in a nice old box with hakugaki, and a paper, both dated Showa 23 nen, Hachi gatsu (August, 1948). We think the box, paper, and blade were put together for a returning U.S. serviceman. It makes an intersting ensemble, and the whole kit has a nice feeling to it.

Shinsakuto Sadaaki tanto

We added a shinsakuto tanto signed Echigo ju Sadaaki saku to the gallery.

The Sadaaki tanto is a solid shinsakuto with a nice sugata and a robust feel to it. It would make a great entry level piece for a beginning collector, or a nice addition to a collection of gendaito/shinsakuto blades. I bought the piece from Mr. Tsuruta at Aoi Art in 1999, and have enjoyed it for ten years. it is in pristine shirasay and gold wash habaki with the original Aoi Art paper which includes photograph and full oshigatal.