Glossary from Harry Watson's translation of Nihonto Koza, used by permission of Mr. Watson

Just posted a glossary of Nihonto terminology in the Articles section to aid in the understanding of some of our descriptions. Jargon is basically a necessary evil in the study of Japanese swords, as the Japanese vocabulary is very specific and frequently has no direct English equivalent. From time to time, i will be expanding the glossary from Mr. Watson's extended works. i will also be adding basic definitions that he has assumed are common enought to be left out of his works. My additions will be in Italics to denote the difference in authorship.

NEW BOOK: The Art Appreciation of Japanese Sword Fittings

We are carrying a new book, The Art Appreciation of Japanese Sword Fittings, by Shigeo Fukushi. The copyright is March 2012 (Heisei 24 nen). There are approximately 300 tsuba and kodogu beautifully photographed, one to a page, with text in Japanese expaining the theme and history of the artwork shown on the piece. Each photograph is captioned in English with what appears to be almost the full Japanese text. There is a complete index/table of contents in English.