March 2nd. 1 PM. Sword talk #7: Gokaden influences

Following up on the Gokaden series, we will look at the spread and influence of some of the great schools and teachers of the Kamakura and Nambokucho periods like the Yamato Tegai, Yamashiro Rai Kunitoshi, the Soshu school, the Bizen Osafune school, and others. As always the emphasis will be on shape (sugata) to deternime era, jitetsu to determine region and school, and hamon to determine artist and school. Several study blades will be available from a variety of schools and regions.



References for the Seattle Art Sword Token Kai meeting

I have found these two sites to be excellent resources for research and interesting stuff about Nihonto:

I referred to them extensively while putting together my talk. I also used a number of books from my own reference library, but these two sites are out there and available. I highly recommend them.

A note on blade photography

I am constantly experimenting with better ways to photograph a highly reflective, compound curved, multi-angled, shiny surface to actually reveal some of the crytal structure that the human eye sees when examining a blade. Some blades are pretty simple. A wakizashi or tanto in a transparent sashikomi polish is fairly easy to photograph. You can either use a longer lens or bring the camera closer to the blade, and the curvature is such that a single light source generally does the trick.